We own a mature QC team,most of them have abundant experience more than
 10 years and get a professional training of ISO 9001 international quality
 certification systems.our QC runs through every link of production.
一、RM Inspection
1. leather materials inspection before stock:QC group fill in the record of inspection,unqualified parts is returned to RM suppliers.
2. cardboard inspection:hardness and dampness
3. inner offset paper inspection: smoothness and Chromaticity 
4. hardware and accessories inspection: feature and strength
二、Inspection during production
1. the production line of leather products team: each working procedure will be inspected by next one and QC checkers.
2. printing team:before binding,each page will be inspected,after QC checkers approve color and specification,then enter into binding process
三、Inspection for finished goods
after each product is inspected by QC team,which will be packed in carton. unqualified products will be remade, those ones not reaching the standard requirements will be destroyed,we shall never allow any one unqualified product to enter in market.
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